Lohko Wallpaper is a retro-contemporary range with an assertive, architectural feel. Named after the Finnish word for ‘blocks’, Lohko is a graphic collection, featuring asymmetric motifs, bold slabs of colour and repeating, cut-out geometrics that defy the laws of gravity and proudly break the rules of design.
From Lohko’s oversized abstract boulder motif and  simplistic tulips of Sula to the small scaled mark-making of Tocca, the collection channels non-conformity, irrepressible energy and measured exuberance.

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    Lohko | NLOH111290
    Lohko | NLOH111291
    Lohko | NLOH111292
    Lohko | NLOH111293
    Lohko | NLOH111294
    Lohko | NLOH111295
    Malva | NLOH111308
    Malva | NLOH111309
    Malva | NLOH111310
    Malva | NLOH111311
    Malva | NLOH111312
    Modul | NLOH111305
    Modul | NLOH111306
    Modul | NLOH111307
    Priya | NLOH111296
    Priya | NLOH111297
    Priya | NLOH111298
    Priya | NLOH111299
    Sula | NLOH111320
    Sula | NLOH111321
    Sula | NLOH111322
    Sula | NLOH111323
    Sula | NLOH111324
    Tocca | NLOH111313
    Tocca | NLOH111314
    Tocca | NLOH111315
    Tocca | NLOH111316
    Tocca | NLOH111317
    Tocca | NLOH111318
    Tocca | NLOH111319
    Vector | NLOH111300
    Vector | NLOH111301
    Vector | NLOH111302
    Vector | NLOH111303
    Vector | NLOH111304