Vintage 2

The Sanderson Vintage II collection offers an eclectic mix of cottage florals and whimsical patterns in a marvellous explosion of joyous colour.
Captivated by the vintage vibe in the air, the Sanderson studio have delved into the archive to create a collection of favourite patterns from the early to mid-20th century, bringing them back to life so that they can be used in fresh and original ways in contemporary interiors.

Filter by Colour:
    Beechgrove | DVIN214570
    Beechgrove | DVIN214571
    Beechgrove | DVIN214572
    Beechgrove | DVIN214573
    Beechgrove | DVIN214574
    Beechgrove | DVIN214575
    Cecile Rose | DVIN214582
    Cecile Rose | DVIN214583
    Cecile Rose | DVIN214584
    Cecile Stripe | DVIN214576
    Cecile Stripe | DVIN214577
    Cecile Stripe | DVIN214578
    Cecile Stripe | DVIN214579
    Cecile Stripe | DVIN214580
    Cecile Stripe | DVIN214581
    Chelsea | DVIN214600
    Chelsea | DVIN214601
    Chelsea | DVIN214602
    Chelsea | DVIN214603
    Chelsea | DVIN214604
    Chelsea | DVIN214605
    Chelsea | DVIN214606
    Flamingos | DVIN214563
    Flamingos | DVIN214564
    Flamingos | DVIN214565
    Flamingos | DVIN214567
    Flamingos | DVIN214568
    Flamingos | DVIN214569
    Hedera | DVIN214593
    Hedera | DVIN214594
    Hedera | DVIN214595
    Hedera | DVIN214596
    Sail Away | DVIN214588
    Sail Away | DVIN214589
    Sail Away | DVIN214590
    Seagulls | DVIN214585
    Seagulls | DVIN214586
    Seagulls | DVIN214587
    Tally Ho | DVIN214597
    Tally Ho | DVIN214598
    Tally Ho | DVIN214599