Papavera is a collection of invigorating and refreshing wallpapers.  

This vivacious collection presents modern abstract interpretations of natural forms, created using the technique of stencil cuts, chosen by the studio for their engaging simplicity and then combined with dynamic colour combinations to great effect.  Contemporary interpretations of poppies (for which Papavera is the Latin) and other floral motifs sit alongside smaller scale geometric patterns to create vibrant family living spaces. 

Filter by Colour:
    Candytuft | DPAV214758
    Candytuft | DPAV214759
    Candytuft | DPAV214760
    Floral Bazaar | DPAV214770
    Floral Bazaar | DPAV214771
    Floral Bazaar | DPAV214772
    Floral Bazaar | DPAV214773
    Jewel Leaves | DPAV214777
    Jewel Leaves | DPAV214778
    Jewel Leaves | DPAV214779
    Jewel Leaves | DPAV214780
    Jewel Leaves | DPAV214781
    Larksong | DPAV214761
    Larksong | DPAV214762
    Larksong | DPAV214763
    Larksong | DPAV214764
    Larksong | DPAV214765
    Malmo | DPAV214766
    Malmo | DPAV214767
    Malmo | DPAV214768
    Malmo | DPAV214769
    Milla | DPAV214774
    Milla | DPAV214775
    Milla | DPAV214776
    Papavera | DPAV214742
    Papavera | DPAV214743
    Papavera | DPAV214744
    Papavera | DPAV214745
    Papavera | DPAV214746
    Papavera | DPAV214747
    Papavera | DPAV214748
    Tambourine | DPAV214753
    Tambourine | DPAV214754
    Tambourine | DPAV214755
    Tambourine | DPAV214756