Enter into the make believe worlds of pirate ‘Treasure Maps’ and the fantasy lands of ‘Fairy Castles’, or learn by play with the fun but educational ‘Alphabet Zoo’. The spectrum of designs within the first Little Sanderson collection, Abracazoo, beautifully illustrates the imaginary worlds of children. The collection ranges from classic themes to more quirky, contemporary imagery; choose from the animated ‘Dogs in Clogs’, or the vintage ‘Two by Two’.  With further designs depicting pastimes and playthings, the collection is aimed at the nursery to early school years.

Through the eyes of children, the Sanderson stylists have created imaginative and playful settings, full of magic.
The collection presents eleven wallpapers. All wallpapers are printed in the UK.

Corresponding prints and embroideries can be found in the Abracazoo Fabrics. Complementary checks and stripes can be found in the Bramley Checks collection.

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    Alphabet Zoo | DLIT214023
    Alphabet Zoo | DLIT214024
    Alphabet Zoo | DLIT214025
    Alphabet Zoo | DLIT214026
    Alphabet Zoo | DLIT214027
    Ballet Shoes | DLIT214019
    Ballet Shoes | DLIT214020
    Ballet Shoes | DLIT214021
    Ballet Shoes | DLIT214022
    Balloons | DLIT214028
    Balloons | DLIT214029
    Balloons | DLIT214030
    Dog in Clogs | DLIT214012
    Dogs in Clogs | DLIT214011
    Dogs in Clogs | DLIT214013
    Dogs in Clogs | DLIT214014
    Dogs in Clogs | DLIT214015
    Fairy Castle | DLIT214045
    Fairy Castle | DLIT214046
    Fairy Castle | DLIT214047
    Going Batty | DLIT214016
    Going Batty | DLIT214017
    Going Batty | DLIT214018
    Polka | DLIT214048
    Polka | DLIT214049
    Polka | DLIT214050
    Polka | DLIT214098
    Polka | DLIT214099
    Polka | DLIT214100
    Polka | DLIT214101
    Polka | DLIT214102
    Polka | DLIT214103
    Pretty Ponies | DLIT214034
    Pretty Ponies | DLIT214035
    Pretty Ponies | DLIT214036
    Pretty Ponies | DLIT214037
    Scribbler | DLIT214031
    Scribbler | DLIT214032
    Scribbler | DLIT214033
    Treasure Map | DLIT214038
    Treasure Map | DLIT214039
    Treasure Map | DLIT214040
    Two By Two | DLIT214042
    Two By Two | DLIT214043
    Two By Two | DLIT214044