A collection of wallpapers of eclectic artistic inspiration. Many of the designs have directly co-ordinating fabrics. Signature colours include sapphire, silver, turquoise, peacock, primrose, fuchsia and duck egg with neutrals such as stone, linen and ivory. All the designs are printed on wide-width rolls.

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    Butterfly Garden | W6592-01
    Butterfly House | W6594-01
    Butterfly House | W6594-02
    Chantilly Stripe | W6595-01
    Chantilly Stripe | W6595-02
    Chantilly Stripe | W6595-03
    Chantilly Stripe | W6595-04
    Chantilly Stripe | W6595-05
    Japonerie | W6590-01
    Japonerie | W6590-04
    Japonerie | W6590-05
    Japonerie | W6590-06
    Leaf Fall | W6591-01
    Leaf Fall | W6591-02
    Leaf Fall | W6591-03
    Leaf Fall | W6591-06
    Leaf Fall | W6591-07
    Pot Pourri | W6598-02
    Pot Pourri | W6598-03
    Quatrefoil | W6599-01
    Quatrefoil | W6599-02
    Quatrefoil | W6599-04
    Quill | W6597-01
    Quill | W6597-02