Persian Garden

These wallpapers offer direct companions for the patterns inspired by the glamour and mystery of ancient Persia in the embroidered linens, cotton and silks of the fabric collection PERSIAN GARDEN.
This collection also presents one or two surprises.

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    Charbagh | W6496-02
    Charbagh | W6496-03
    Chenar | W6497-01
    Chenar | W6497-02
    Chenar | W6497-04
    Isfahan Tulip | W6490-01
    Isfahan Tulip | W6490-02
    Isfahan Tulip | W6490-03
    Isfahan Tulip | W6490-04
    Isfahan Tulip | W6490-06
    Kayyam | W6495-03
    Kayyam | W6495-06
    Penguin Library | W6498-01
    Persian Garden | W6492-04
    Persian Garden | W6492-05
    Rosalia Damask | W6493-03
    Rosalia Damask | W6493-06
    Shiraz | W6494-01
    Shiraz | W6494-02
    Shiraz | W6494-04
    Shiraz | W6494-05
    Shiraz | W6494-06
    Shiraz | W6494-07