Named after a species of daffodil, Poetica is an enchanting homage to the natural beauty and intrinsic charm of England’s spectacular countryside and its delightful cottage gardens.

In style and feel, Poetica is reminiscent of a nature lover’s scrapbook, filled with notes, sketches, cuttings and botanical studies of flora and fauna.

The innovative wallcoverings are big on texture: they have a light, airy, at times even coastal feel, encompassing effects such as limed wood, crackle glaze and brown paper, which form the highly effective backdrop to the delicate botanical motifs.

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    Angelica | HPOW110565
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    Caprice | HPOW110594
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    Drift Texture | HPOW110575
    Drift Texture | HPOW110578
    Drift | HPOW110560
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    Drift | HPOW110564
    Gardinum | HPOW110557
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