Evoking a spirit of faded grandeur and distressed opulence, Leonida is a truly breathtaking collection.

The Harlequin Studio has sourced vintage pieces and flea market finds and translated them onto a stunning range of alluring wallpapers. Leonida is the epitome of decadent excess and nostalgic elegance, yet with a very modern-day edge and sleek contemporary appeal.

An interesting combination of innovative techniques and textures have been used throughout the collection, to create this range of stunning, diverse and indisputably chic wallpapers.

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    Akoa | HLEO110635
    Akoa | HLEO110636
    Akoa | HLEO110637
    Akoa | HLEO110638
    Akoa | HLEO110644
    Comice | HLEO110607
    Comice | HLEO110608
    Comice | HLEO110609
    Comice | HLEO110610
    Eglomise | HLEO110617
    Eglomise | HLEO110618
    Eglomise | HLEO110619
    Eglomise | HLEO110620
    Eglomise | HLEO110621
    Eglomise | HLEO110623
    Eglomise | HLEO110624
    Florentine | HLEO110630
    Florentine | HLEO110631
    Florentine | HLEO110632
    Florentine | HLEO110633
    Florentine | HLEO110634
    Medina | HLEO110625
    Medina | HLEO110626
    Medina | HLEO110627
    Medina | HLEO110628
    Medina | HLEO110629